Communication is the essence
of human life.

~Janice Light

With it, we can participate fully, interact socially
with others, and express inner thoughts and feelings.
Without it…


who we are

Christina Brown & Associates, Inc has been providing exceptional speech therapy services for children and adults since 1996. Our highly qualified speech-language pathologists are passionate about fostering optimal communication skills to improve the quality of life of each of our clients. We are dedicated to assisting children and adults in participating to their fullest at home, school, work, and in day-to-day activities. Through the development of communication skills, individuals can realize their full potential, develop effective relationships, and express confidence in their increased independence.

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what we do

We provide speech and language consultations, evaluations, and direct therapy intervention for children and adults. We work closely with the clients and family in natural, supportive and nurturing environments--in the clinic, in your home, or in the community. Our therapy approaches are family-centered, evidence-based and personalized to meet your unique individual needs. We strive to teach you--family and caregivers--how to maximize the individual's communication abilities. Positive changes are possible through innovative treatment approaches, sharing knowledge and team work.

what sets us apart

Our expert professional staff specialize in a variety of areas, including:

  • ​Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC)
  • Swallowing and Eating
  • Speech Sound Production
  • Aphasia
  • Reading and Writing
  • Language and Social Interaction
  • Receptive Language/Comprehension
  • ​Cognition, including attention, memory and problem solving
  • Voice
girl writing_photographer Viktor Hanacek

Chris is most likely the top specialist in augmentative communication, who also practices traditional speech therapy. I cannot emphasize how rare it is for an SLP to do both, and be excellent in both. Chris' choices in associates have been great as well.

~ Samantha Reid-Garcia, Public Affairs Coordinator

Our son has been with Christina Brown & Associates for many years. When he was born and as he grew, I was told that people with Down Syndrome could not talk clearly and no one would understand him. I found the most excellent group of speech-language pathologists around. Our therapist is our team member. She truly cares. Our son talks so clearly now that he gave a speech at our oldest son's wedding. It was breathtaking. I highly recommend this group of excellent, caring therapists.

~ Yvette Lucero, Mother

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