Carol Steffen

Carol began working with this agency in 2009. She graduated from New Mexico State University in 1985, and has worked with a variety of speech and language disorders through Albuquerque Public Schools.  Carol has developed expert skills in working with children and adults with articulation delays, social language problems, and delays in language development.  She is particularly interested in phonological processing, literature-based therapy, high intensity articulation therapy, social thinking, and communication issues associated with autism/Asperger's syndrome.

‚ÄčOur son Will, a young adult with Cerebral Palsy, has struggled all his life to speak clearly enough to engage in the world.  Since finishing school three years ago, he has been working with Christina Brown & Associates Speech Language Pathologist, Carol Steffen.  We cannot over-praise Carol.  She is an exceptionally gifted teacher:  enthusiastic, inventive, engaging, and dedicated.  Working with Carol, Will is making steady progress towards his goal of becoming an advocate for the disabled.

Esther Schnurnberger
Jan 2016

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